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Q5669-60687 Rear Carriage Bushing

Q5669-60687 Rear Carriage Bushing for Designjet T and Z series Plotters

Our Price: $25.00
Q6675-60093 3-inch spindle adaptor kit

Q6675-60093 3-inch roll feed adapter kit HP DesignJet T and Z Series Plotter

Our Price: $55.00
CH538-67018 44 inch Belt & Belt Tensioner

CH538-67018 HP Designjet 44" Belt with Tensionser Assembly T Series

Our Price: $119.00
Q6687-60067 Q6687-60067 44" Encoder Strip Designjet

Q6687-60067 HP Designjet 44" Electronic Encoder Strip for Designjets

Our Price: $125.00
CH538-67003 CH538-67003 Upper Roller Assembly

CH538-67003 Upper Roller Cover Assembly for T Series Designjet Plotters

Our Price: $195.00
CH538-67002 CH538-67002 Lower Roller Cover Designjet T Series

CH538-67002 Lower Roll Cover Assembly with springs and pinch arms

Our Price: $219.00
CH539-69001 CH539-69001 Stand Foot assembly Designjet T Z series

CH539-69001 HP Designjet T and Z Series Foot assembly - includes 2 feet with screws

Our Price: $265.00
CH538-67044 CH538-67044 Carriage Assembly

CH538-67044 Designjet Carriage assembly for Dedsignjet T1300 T1200 T2300 T770 T790

Our Price: $349.00